Family involvement

We value the contribution families make to a family member who experiences mental health problems. We understand family and whanau often have a significant amount to offer and they can be invaluable sources of information and support in recovery plans. 

Family underpins our own business success and often our success with our clients. We do our utmost to make family feel welcome and, if consent is given, keep them involved and up to date with what’s happening with the people they are supporting.

Family and consumer advisors are available to you and your family as and when needed, and we encourage all parties to be involved in the referral process.

We are happy to arrange transport for families to referral meetings and we will ensure these take place in a private and welcoming environment.

At Manumalo, our Pacific service, we provide Welcome Packs in different languages with loads of information for both you and your family.

Other ways we can work with your family:

  • Let them know their rights as family members.
  • Hold monthly meetings to review and discuss any service delivery issues.
  • Ensure negotiation over any support changes.

  • Employ a complaints procedure.
  • Run annual satisfaction surveys.

Who is family?

You define who your family is, and who you want involved in your recovery. Family may or may not include blood ties, for example, to you family may be: relatives including a spouse or partner, a mixture of relatives, friends and others in a support network, or only non-relatives.

Your family’s rights

Your family has the right to:

  • Access mental health staff and provide them with information that may assist your care, assessment, treatment.
  • Seek other opinions regarding your care, assessment and treatment.
  • Access you during care, assessment and treatment processes (with your consent) and be consulted by mental health staff about your care, assessment and treatment processes (with your consent).
  • Resources, support and information.
  • Be heard.

Delamore supports the Supporting Families New Zealand’s Code of Family Rights.

Giving or withdrawing consent

If you want your family involved in your care, you must give permission before we can contact them. We also ask you to say what information can be shared with your family.

When you don’t give consent

You are entitled to withdraw consent or withhold information from your family as outlined in the Privacy Act and the Health Information Privacy Code.

If you withdraw consent, we can still listen to family concerns and share non-personal information, provide them with resources and put them in contact with support services.

Concerned about consent?

If you have any worries over consent, talk to us about it. We are experienced in these issues and helping to find solutions.

How to make a complaint or give us a compliment

What we expect from you is to PARTICIPATE

You will come into our service with your own set of skills and unique challenges. By working with your support team at identifying areas where you excel and those where you may require further support, you will quickly develop a support plan that will meet most if not all of your needs:

  • We ask that you get involved with your support team. Setting goals and participating in a structured programme does and will help you move towards greater independence.
  • Help out. This is your home for the for-seeable future. You will be expected to do day to day chores to the best of your ability.
  • Be involved in house meetings. This is where you can plan your chores rosters.
  • Be involved in menu planning, preparation and shopping.
  • Be respectful of the other people you live with.
  • Follow the house rules.
  • Work collaboratively with your clinical team.
  • Be responsible for your own personal space.
  • Participate in service review to the best of your ability.
  • Ask if you need information or advice. This can include information on how to develop healthy relationships, sex education or advice on how to access contraception. We can refer you to the appropriate service.