Our creation story

We have a colourful creation story that begins in 1987 with a fire.

In that year, the erstwhile Terwindle Rest Home in Herne Bay, catering for people with psychiatric problems, was burnt down and rebuilt as Pt Erin House.

Mary McKearny, the owner, re-opened the facility in 1990 and accepted 19 people after the closure of Carrington Hospital.

Enter Lynda Delamore

In 1993, Lynda Delamore was employed as assistant manager for Mary McKearny Ltd, with the focus of service delivery was a home for life. However, in 1995, Mary sold the business to Lynda and her then partner Vincent Reidy and Delamore & Reidy Mental Health Community Support Services was born.

The pair worked hard over the next few years to grow the business – they acquired other properties that allowed for more staff greater personal space and independence for residents.

More houses spring up

Safet House, at 12 Sarsfield St (named for a Bosnian refugee and consumer), was opened in 1999. It provides a service with flexible options for people with complex needs. Based solely on the individual, recovery is the prime focus.

Jons House, named for another much loved person who died of cancer at Safet House, was opened a year later in West Auckland.

Recreation and respite added to the repertoire

In 2000, Delamore won the contract for a house in Glen Eden, and began renting a property in Warkworth as a perfect base for camping and outdoor experiences. Other respite properties were added in Manly and Arkles Bay.

ISO registration was gained in 2004 and this fosters an environment of continued improvement in planned service development.

Where we are in 2011

Today, Delamore Support Services remains a non government organisation providing mental health and disability residential based support for recovery solutions in the Auckland and Waitemata district health board regions.

Our contracted services consist of six residential facilities ranging from less intensive through to 24 hour intensive support for people with high and complex needs. We currently provide recovery support to 55 clients, five of who live in Manumalo, our Pacific rehabilitation service.